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  May 8, 2011

The resurgence and focus on butchery in the Bay Area and nationwide has led to the creation of the Butcher's Guild, a new organization to connect artisans in the trade.

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  April 6, 2011
  Alice apprenticed under butcher Cole Ward for a story three years ago. Now the meat cutter has the first-ever butchering DVD series, "The Gourmet Butcher." He and Alice join his co-star chef Courtney Contos in cooking salt-crusted beef tenderloin in a flaming paper bag.
  March 19, 2011
  If you've recently started buying shares in whole animals from local farmers, curing your own prosciutto or cooking with offal, the Gourmet Butcher DVDs are for you.
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  March 7, 2011
  And for the latest in home entertainment –- butchery! No, seriously, there's something artistic about the way a good butcher works, and Cole Ward, whose new "The Gourmet Butcher … From Farm to Table" has just been released, is certainly a very good butcher.
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  March 4, 2011
  Is butchering livestock a dying art? Gourmet butcher, Cole Ward, is preserving the personal connection between the man, the meat, and the animal.
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  March 4, 2011
  Tuesday was a very packed day for us. In addition to town meeting we had been invited to the launch event sponsored by the Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce for master butcher Cole Ward's Gourmet Butcher DVD series at Michael's on the Hill restaurant in Waterbury, Vermont.
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