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I have spent several years learning from the best butchers in the USA and Cole Ward is one of the finest. He is a passionate meat expert with the kind of expertise that’s extremely rare in our time.  I’m thrilled that his knowledge has been captured for the benefit of a whole generation of meat cutters.
Marissa Guggiana
Author:  Primal Cuts:  Cooking with America’s Best Butchers
Co-founder:  The Butcher’s Guide / Editor:  Meatpaper Magazine
Our family is building our own on-farm USDA inspected slaughterhouse and butcher shop.  For eighteen months my wife, our son and I have apprenticed with master butcher Cole Ward.  Cole's skills, ability to teach and stories from his 45 years of butchering made our apprenticeship an extraordinarily wonderful experience.
Walter Jeffries
Sugar Mountain Farm, Vermont
As an apprentice farm butcher with a passion for nose-to-tail eating, participating in Cole's workshop was thrilling. Cole is deeply knowledgeable and shares his many years of butchery experience with warmth, humor, and tremendous enthusiasm, and I left the workshop deeply appreciative that Cole is passing traditional butchery skills on to a whole new generation. I also really love how respectful he is of the animals he works with --he encourages us to learn to cook and enjoy the lesser-known cuts as well as the familiar favorites. Kudos!
Iliana Filby
Apprentice Butcher
Cole's workshops have given me a better understanding of meat and helped me become a better cook.  Even after 10 workshops, I'm still learning. I recommend this DVD to all.
Eric Methot
Personal Chef, Montreal
Cole Ward came into our Professional Foods program and led a tremendous workshop on the art of butchering. He is an absolute master who teaches in a way that is easily understood.  We love having him come into our program and our students always enjoy the time they spend with him.
Katrina Bianchi
Career Development Counselor, Center for Technology Essex, Vermont
I've known Cole for many years, both as a butcher and as a teacher and collaborator in the seminars we hold here at Flack Family Farm. Cole is a master teacher with a vision for the restoration of the high art of butchery and meat presentation, which dovetails beautifully with the rebirth of grass-fed meats and local food. He's a treasure to be shared by those who care about food.
Doug Flack
Flack Family Farm, Vermont
I had the opportunity to view the DVDs during a butchering class and they are wonderful!   The excellent video quality and step by step instructions are so easy to follow.  Cole and Chef Courtney simplified the process of cutting and preparing meat in such a way that the viewer can feel confident enough to do it right in their own kitchen. Cole and Chef Courtney have tapped into the locavore movement at a time when people are hungry for this type of instruction.
Corey Mercer
Dedicated locavore and hopeless foodie
Cole is far beyond a "Butcher". He`s a teacher and a gourmet Chef. Cole taught us to appreciate what can be done with different cuts of meats and applying them with his wonderful recipes. This DVD will not only show viewers the correct preparation of will educate them on old traditions... bringing back a lost art to hand down to our next generation.
Dan and Cecile Beauregard
I took my first ever butchering class with Cole. We did a whole lamb. Cole is a very patient and thorough teacher. The best part of the process was when - before we started slicing - Cole described the different cuts we could get from each piece.

So everyone started with a whole lamb, but we each left with very different cuts, all based on our preferred ways of cooking the meat!
Jenn Campus
FoodieBlogroll Co-Founder, Food Blogger and Social Networking Guru
Cole Ward taught a workshop at our farm. He showed us a preview of the DVD set at that time and, I assure you, we'll be first in line for a copy! With a humble confidence, quick wit and tremendous sense of humor, Cole is both a deeply accomplished craftsman and a gifted, passionate teacher. If you love meat you will love these DVDs!
Meg Reige
Farmer and Farrier
Cole Ward's wealth of knowledge, and skill at breaking down all types of animals into handcrafted cuts is extraordinary. Recently he was named one of the fifty greatest butchers in America. His many years of experience both behind the counter and in the classroom are a true asset to all looking to learn the art of this valuable craft.
Sam Fuller
Northeast Organic Farm Association Vermont
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